Philippine National Day Dinner Dance 2014

The Philipp ine Ladies Association together with Associate of Filipinas Sri lanka celebrated 116th Philipp ine Independence day with a dinner dance at Grand Oriental Hotel.


Generations of St. Bridget’s Convent past pupils reunited for ‘Indulgence Sunday’ hosted by Sri Lanka’s premium lingerie brand, amanté, at its Racecourse Mall boutique recently.

10 Ways to Get Your Children to Eat Healthy Food

A healthy diet will make a healthy child. But how do you get a child to eat healthy food? here are 10 easy ways to help you tackle with the ‘food battle’ at home.   Start Early Experts believe that some foodpreferences are shaped even as early as infancy, when the child  astes their first solid food. Most mothers introduce bananas as the first solid food. […]

Month of Nutrition

The Month of May is considered to be the month of nutrition.   There are many nutritional problems prevalent in Sri Lanka as stated below „„ High percent of Low Birth Weight (16.9% 2003 AHB) „„ Anemia among pregnant mothers (30.3% MRI 2001) „„ High percent of underweight among children less than five years (29.4% DHS 2000) „„ High prevalence of Anemia among children […]

Eight Super Food for Healthy Hair & How to Add them to your Diet!

By Lisa Wydeman Eating healthy is just as important as all the products we use. In fact it can help you look radiant and beautiful. Achieving the Super Shiny Hair that most celebrities boast is not as hard as it looks. If you are willing to step out of your comfort food zone and add […]

An Elegant Birthday Celebration

The jewel in the crown of the Kingsbury Hotel the Victorian was the venue for the party. Hosted by Harshini Nadesan Struys to celebrate her Birthday on the 6th of June.2014. The Victorian was exquisitely decorated with large Ice Carvings & long stemmed pink roses. And on the tables were tall candlebra, decorated with beautiful pink roses to match the Delicate […]

Kitchen Cures for Miserable Sniffles! Natural home remedies for Colds and Coughs

By Shihara Maduwage Colds and coughs are pretty common but that doesn’t stop them from making you feel blue and miserable. Living in the modern-world with busy lifestyles, our first instinct is to run to the pharmacy or to the doctor to get some prescription medicine to treat our common colds and coughs. However, these […]

Fathers – Another endangered Species!

By Christopher Edirisinghe Hope my caption did not upset anyone. We had tremendous respect for our fathers and of course we also had a fear. They were our primary disciplinarians and their word was law. My Father passed away couple of years back after an illness that confined him to his bed for almost a […]

The Wedding Flowers

Flowers have always been a symbol of love and romance and no wedding is complete without floral décor. Each bride-to-be has her own favourite flowers with which she wants to surround herself on her big day. And what is the best place to head to for all your floral needs? The Wedding Flowers can make […]

Karim Schadlou

Returns to Hilton Colombo Residences Hilton Worldwide appointed Karim Schadlou as the General Manager of the Hilton Colombo Residences earlier this year; Karim is a German-Iranian national, having grown up in Germany and received his education there. A passionate hotelier all the way Some of you may remember Karim when he was at the Hilton […]