Tittle Tattle revived at the Hilton Colombo

The once famous and much looked forward to fashion show which was the talk of the town a few years ago by the famous Choreographer Geraldine Bandaranayake is back on the boards at the Spice Hilton Colombo. The inaugural show took place on thursday 12th February 2015 with a fabulous Valentine collection by Ruchira Karunaratne […]


Welcome to the shortest month of the year! By the time you read this editorial, we would have celebrated two most important events in our calendar which are the culturally acclaimed Navam Perahera and Independence day. February is popular as Valentine’s Day is celebrated in February. There is a debate as to the real truth […]

Nail Art for Valentine’s Day!

Nail Art for Valentine’s Day!

Simple habits for a better Breakfast Routine

Simple habits for a better Breakfast Routine

Teachers and Step Families

By Sirohmi Gunesekera Mali braced herself and told her new teacher that she did not have a mother but only a stepmother. The teacher was taken aback but took it in her stride and smiled and told Mali that she was lucky to have a Mum at home.  “It doesn’t matter that she is not your own mother. Just welcome her and try not to be too difficult.” advised […]

9 Things You Do That Seriously Damage Your Hair

Little mistakes in your routine could be messing up your style  By Shabnam Farook 1 Not using your hair dryer the right way Always use a nozzle or diffuser when blow drying and hold the blow dryer away from the hair – otherwise the dryer can get too close and burn hair very quickly. If there is no nozzle, make sure to […]

Talented and Upcoming Communications Student and Model Adrienne De Silva

By Shehara Rizly Having firstly spoken to the mother who is a great achiever, we feature the daughter who is also on the right track to achieve her dreams in life as well. Adrienne De Silva was born and raised in Dubai and schooled at St.Mary’s Catholic High School and is currently following Media and […]

An inspirational achiever in the UAE Felicia De Silva

By Shehara Rizly Many women have become inspirational from time immemorial. In Sri Lanka there are many women achievers in various professions through sheer perseverance and dedication. When you look at the amount of foreign exchange earners, our Sri Lankan ladies are at the helm. Unfortunately these ladies are neither recognized nor noticed in most […]

Scrumptious Treats with Yvonne Fernando

PRAWN FRITTERS Ingredients: 300gr Prawns cleaned leaving the shells 150 gr Prawns chopped 250 gr Flour 2 tbs Cornflour 1 tsp Baking Powder 1/4 tsp Turmeric Powder 1/2 tsp Pepper 1 tsp Salt 50 gr Spring Onions cut into short lengths 1 Egg 3 tbs Red Bell Pepper chopped 3 tbs large Green Chillies chopped […]

Discover the vibrant versatility of the UAE

By Shehara Rizly The United Arab Emirates or UAE located at the Southeast end of the Arabian Peninsular on the Persian Gulf, bordering Oman to the East and Saudi Arabia to the South, shares sea borders with Qatar, Iran and Pakistan. It stretches over 1448km and the total area is 83600km including islands. The United […]