Sharjah – cultural metropolis of the UAE

By Shehara Rizly Known as the pearl of the gulf, it is the third largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), located on the west coast of the UAE surrounded by both Persian gulf and gulf of Oman.  There are many foreign nationalities in the city of Sharjah who have made […]

Felicitation for Teachers by Vishaka ‘83 batch

  On a bright Sunday morning, the 12th of July 2015, Visakha Vidyalaya ’83 Batch (ALs done in 1983) felicitated their teachers who taught the batch from Year 1 to 12 spanning a period of twelve years from 1971-1983. This was an opportunity the batch was waiting for, to appreciate the tireless efforts of these wonderful ladies. The timing of the event was significant for the batch […]

Does Parenting Intimidate you?

  By Shehara Rizly A Challenge Or a Pain? We all have our definition when it comes to parenting our children. Some of us see it as a pure challenge and others find it very difficult to get used to as they have other important things in life other than children. Children complete the word “family” and we should remember, that […]

Relive ‘A Taste of Switzerland’ at MLH once again

Relive ‘A Taste of Switzerland’ at MLH once again

Pictures worth a thousand words in conversation with Dillai Joseph Rodrigo

By Shehara Rizly Our cover personality this month hails from a family of academic and musically inclined individuals, who revolutionized the Sri Lankan music arena with their family performance of the Winslow six. The talent we share is different as you can gather from the headlines. In our fast paced life, we do not have […]

Perfect Eyebrow Tips

  By Mandulee Mendis Eyebrows are as important as your eyes and they deserve a special place in your makeup process. Your look specifically depends on your eyebrows too. You should know the right shape and the right method of shaping in order to look simply perfect! In getting your eyebrows done, here are a […]