Says  Sirohmi Gunesekera (Teacher, Attorney-at-Law and Researcher into Human Relations and The Family Unit) Jacintha was an only child. Her parents Asitha and Parvati showered all their love on her even though they could not afford to buy her fancy toys. They were careful not to raise their voice to her even if they felt angry. After all, they had no-one else to hug and […]

A Healthy Diet for your child

By Shehara Rizly With all the instant and fast food outlets sometimes it is quite hard for parents to decide whether time or health is more important. If you want your family to be healthy a well balanced meal will never go wrong. Try new methods of making healthy meals and make them look interesting […]

Pop – up Salon By Fleur

Located at Clifford Avenue Colombo 3, Fleur Salon is exclusively for all ladies. Don’t you want to look your best at your own function? How would you like to wear your hair? Dab on a good make-up which will last long. Do your hair to your own choice. At Fleur they believe in making you […]