Vindya A Lady With Many Talents

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By Indika Madapatha Sellahewa
Photos Nirmala Dhananjaya
Hair and makeup by Hasini gunasekera of Hasini and deepika gunasekera salons

Married to a Sri Lankan Captain working for Etihad Airways, Living as an Expatriate in Abu Dhabi, Vindya is a multi talented Sri Lankan woman. A Teacher of Music at three British Schools, Yoga Instructor, Artist and Mother of two Teenagers, Vindya likes to live life to the full.

We approached Vindya to get an insight into her high life in UAE, one of the richest oil producing Arab nations in the world, living as the wife of a Pilot, spending her time doing the things she is passionate about and looking after her daughter and son. Lanka Woman wanted to get an idea of how she manages all these things and maintains her figure, beauty and health although she is a mother of a 19 year old daughter and a 14 year old son.

Vindya hails from Kandy, The Sacred city which was once the Capital of Sri Lanka, home to the Sacred Tooth Relic of the Lord Buddha and where the last King of the revered island reigned.
As most Kandyans do, she speaks with her slow, musical drawl with a hint of the Kandyan accent.

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