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Photos Nirmala Dhananjaya

Colombo’s annual swimsuit mecca witnessed both local and international designers showcase their collections to a fashion savvy audience. Thanks to the vision of Ajai Vir Singh, Sri Lankan designers especially have been encouraged to launch their swim collections in the recent past and what better place to hold Asia’s first dedicated annual Swim Week than in Sri Lanka, a tropical paradise.
This year, Swim Week Colombo introduced their all new global positioning with their theme ‘Green Conscious and Earth Sensitive’ and in lieu of this, all designers taking the ramp had to ensure their collections were in par with this new sustainable fashion theme. Kicking off Swim Week, 8 designers took to the ramp showcasing a multitude of swim, resort and active wear featuring clean cuts, flirty tassels and sleek silhouettes while staying true to the season’s theme of green consciousness.

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