Amazing Jackfruit the Highly Nutritious Meat Substitute…

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By Mandulee Mendis

Do you know what you should eat if you want to experience the grandeur of real Sri Lankan food? Jackfruit with a dried fish curry and pol sambol. You will taste a small drop of heaven!
As much as it tastes delightful, Jackfruit is very nutritious. I asked around about this heavenly food and here’s what I found out.
The ‘Bath Gasa’ & ‘Kos Mama’
Jackfruit was one of the main foods consumed by early Sri Lankans. Sometimes, people used it as a substitute for the staple food which is rice. That’s how important Jackfruit was, for the old Sri Lankan.
The legend of ‘Kos Mama’ which means ‘Uncle Jack’ cannot be forgotten when talking about the Jackfruit tree. The philanthropist Arthur Vincent Dias started a campaign for planting Jackfruit trees in order to promote Jackfruit among Sri Lankans. As a result, the Jackfruit tree came to be known as ‘Bath Gasa’ which means rice tree.

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