Saree the Beautiful Dress!

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By Mandulee Mendis

Most of us wear sarees often. Some of us even wear sarees to work. But some are deceived by the myth that says it’s difficult to wear the saree. If you’re one of them, or, if you’re planning for an obvious change in your saree look in 2018, you will find this article useful.

The saree jacket accounts for more than you think!

The saree jacket is very very important. Sometimes the jacket can change the entire look of the saree, it has the power to enhance or diminish the value and the look of the saree. So if you’ve been wearing deep cut short or long sleeved jacket all these years, go for something new. Here are some nice ideas. You can make a signature style of your own!

The High Neck Trend

The boat neck trend is almost gone now, the latest trend is the high neck. It is actually very nice for Asian figures.
You may have seen this style a few decades ago. Well, fashion is a cycle, it repeats best styles.

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