A Typical Sri Lankan Touch to Your Home

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If you love to have the Sri Lankan touch in everything, you would definitely want a Sri Lankan look in your home.

The Walawwa Style

If you’re planning to build a house from the start, the best Sri Lankan style to go with is, the Walawwa style. Study a typical Walawwa and follow the architecture with two-door entrance, the narrow windows, the roof pattern etc. You can embed those features to a modern house to have a unique home which is modern yet typical.

Typical Paintings

Paintings can turn the theme of your home around. You know those beautiful paintings where typical village settings are painted? For an example, a road in the village, a bullock cart, a paddy field or a village boutique.
Those are the ideal choices if you want a Sri Lankan touch in your home. Hang not one or two, but a few paintings everywhere covering all the areas of your home.

The Masks

You know those masks of dragons and play characters that depict the Sri Lankan folk culture? Those are wonderful ideas to decorate your home with if you’re looking for a typical Sri Lankan touch. You can hang them on the wall in a beautiful design or keep them here and there as a decorative flourish.

Décor from the Village

Go with décor that depict the elements from the village. It could be a small version of a pela, which is a small resting place where the cultivator stayed at night to watch over the cultivation or an ambalama which is a small resting place by the road. Equipment used in paddy cultivation, models of moonstone, elephants are also fine ideas.

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