Annual Christmas Party

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The NGO Forum on Ageing held their annual Christmas Party for inmates from 16 Elders’ Homes recently with a grand party fully sponsored by Spa Ceylon. The event was filled with music, dancing, performances by the inmates as well as a delectable meal which was prepared for them. The NGO Forum on Ageing was launched through the Sri Lanka Womens Conference and inaugurated in August 1999 during it’s celebration of the UN Year of Older Persons.
Some of it’s main objectives are serving as a voice for senior citizens, ensuring recognition and protection of the rights of senior citizens. This forum has been registerd with the Ministry of Social Services organisation Act 1980. 210 residents from each of the 16 elders homes and members of the NFOA participated. Rohini Fernando, Secretary of the NGO and a most active member said to Lanka Woman that, “This time we were able to invite 10 from each home but earlier it was only 7 from each home. 3 Residents from all Elders Homes participated in the Fancy Dress competition. We were short of time to to have the passing of the parcel and the singing and dancing competitions.
A special item was given by the percussion band of St Mary’s Elders Home in Maradana.” The venue was Sri Lankadhara Society at 95 W. A. Silva Mawatha Colombo 6. Apart from the Main Sponsor, who was Spa Ceylon, the event received donations of Milo drinks from Nestles. Rohini says that “This is the 1st time we got a sponsor for the entire party, who is Spa Ceylon”. “Sometimes we get donations in kind from companies like Maliban Siddhalepa, Link etc. Our Committee Members and their friends and families support us with small cash donations and gifts for the games.” Spa Ceylon generously gave away gift packs from Janet Products for everyone who attended apart from sponsoring the whole event.

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