Crafting Clay With Love The Traditional Pottery People Of Kumbalgama

By  Nilu Rajapakse Photos by Nirmala Dhananjaya Gala Hitiyage Nalini hails from a family that has been crafting earthenware pottery for generations. In her late sixties, today Nalini spearheads the production of pots at her family home which she inherited from her father. Her husband and two of her children assist her in various ways […]

Café Bagatalle a celebration of healthy food and healthy living

Taking its name after the Colombo 03 street on which it is located, Café Bagatalle, emerges as a gastronomic haven from among Colombo city’s restaurants and cafes, for anyone and everyone in search of health food. Conveniently situated in the premises of the Colombo’s men’s sartorial landmark – The Envoy Mansion – at the Bagatalle […]

Make Your Kid, a Full Man…

Children are at the foot of the graph of their life. By making them abide by certain positive practices, you can gift them a better future which will elevate them to a higher standard in both life and society. Sunday Newspaper, a Tradition! Reading the ‘Sunday Newspaper’ should be a tradition at home. It is […]

Independence Day of Sri Lanka

By Kamanthi Wickramasinghe 70 years have passed since the beautiful island of the then Ceylon gained independence.The British, who were the last Europeans to have colonized the state, imposed a heavy influence on the culture which could be seen even today. Forts, colonial buildings and lifestyles which have been preserved to date are proof of […]

The Pilgrimage to Sri Pada An experience of a lifetime

By Kamanthi Wickramasinghe Situated in the Ratnapura district is a 2,243 metre high peak, standing out from the rest of the peaks in the district. Known as Adam’s Peak with its mythical conceptions in relation to Adam, it is also known as Sri Pada, Samanalakanda, Samankuta, Samanhela, Samangira and Samanalagira. According to the Mahawansa (the […]

Maha Shiva Rathri The Great Night of Shiva ‘Overcoming Darkness and Ignorance’

Maha Shiva Rathri is a great festival of the Hindus, celebrated annually to honour God Shiva. The festival is revered by chanting of prayers, fasting, yoga activity and meditating on God Shiva and practicing ethical values such as honesty, integrity, non injury to others and forgiveness. Festivities go on all night and devotees stay awake […]

Gotu Kola Our Own Survival Food!

Gotu Kola is a cherished food in Sri Lanka. If it’s green leaves that you should eat, everyone wishes for Gotu Kola because it tastes so good! A Gotu Kola sambol can make your boring plate of rice quite delicious. Imagine a fresh Gotu Kola sambol with pumpkin curry and fried dried fish…. sounds divine, […]

Nisala weds Nisal

The Big day details Bride -  Nisala Priyani Groom – Nisal Baduge Bride Dressed by – Salon Cut and Curl (Sanjiwani Fanando) Wedding hall – Avenra Garden Royal Banquet Negombo Photographed by – Amitha Thennakon

Valentine’s Day for Day Dreamers

Text by Sirohmi Gunesekera (Teacher, Attorney-at-Law and Researcher into Human Relations & The Family Unit) You don’t have a lover so you will feel that Valentine’s Day must pass you by as just another day! But wait a minute!  Don’t be grumpy and feel melancholy. Look back on your life, from baby days onwards. Surely […]

Tried and tested ways to use coconut as a beauty enhancer

Let’s face it, as Sri Lankans we are born into the tropical world of coconuts. We consume it day in and day out, and you would have had enough of it. But hear us out! Have you incorporated coconut, especially coconut milk, in your daily beauty routine? Coconut products such as oil and milk are […]