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Entrepreneur & Social Worker with grace and character working arduously to uplift the standards of stricken Sri Lankan Women and children with special needs. Running a 50 Acre Hydro Power Plant with 47 employees, Manoji has proved that a woman can do anything besides being a wife, mother and home-maker. She is the Lady with the Iron Hand and the Golden Heart – The dainty Lady who is tough enough to run an empire!

To be empowered, a woman has to play her role discerningly. Even if it means sometimes resorting to using a few of the 64 feminine charms that she possesses. It is a woman’s responsibility to secure, run and be the solid brick in the home and the family unit. To do this, she needs a voice, and most importantly, be financially stable. Manoji Wadugodapitiya Samaraweera has identified this need spot on and she has found the way forward…
She is a Real Lady from Barnes Place in Colombo with Kandyan origins, spending most of her days in Kithulgala, empowering thousands of torn and shattered women and children in Sri Lanka and giving them a life back to smile about.
Lanka Woman met Manoji Wadugodapitiya Samaraweera at her elegantly and artistically decorated home at Barnes Place, Colombo Seven.
Married to Dr. Harsha Samaraweera a renowned general surgeon who is tremendously supportive to her in all her endeavours to help and empower abused women and children with special needs, Manoji is the mother of six children; two biological children and four adopted children.
Manoji’s daughter Pravini Samaraweera who is 21 is currently studying for a master’s degree at UCL (United Kingdom) studying Human Rights with Law and her son Yavinka Samaraweera is a first year Management Degree student at the Asia Pacific Institute for Information Technology (APIIT).
Manoji is also currently Managing Director at PAMS Hydro, whilst putting the finishing touches to an Ayurveda Spa Resort and a Meditation Centre amidst a serene and scenic vegetation plantation in Kithulgala.

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