The Pilgrimage to Sri Pada An experience of a lifetime

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By Kamanthi Wickramasinghe

Situated in the Ratnapura district is a 2,243 metre high peak, standing out from the rest of the peaks in the district. Known as Adam’s Peak with its mythical conceptions in relation to Adam, it is also known as Sri Pada, Samanalakanda, Samankuta, Samanhela, Samangira and Samanalagira.

According to the Mahawansa (the chromicle of written history of Sri Lanka) the Footprint at its summit belongs to Gauthama Buddha  who visited the island thrice. But it is also believed that it could also be the Footprint of Adam and that of God Siva by Muslim and Hindu devotees respectively. However, the summit is frequented by Buddhist devotees from all over the island from December till May which is its peak season. Hence, we take a look at the main features of Sri Pada.

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