‘’A night of goodness, glamour and glory’ RC 2000, Dinner Dance

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Photos : Nirmala Dhananjaya

The Royal College Group of 2000, recently held their inaugural Dinner Dance – ‘Reunion Night’ at Hilton ‘Blue’. The day was the first ever red carpet event hosted by the committee 2017/2018 head by President Kalana Geekiyana.
Royal College Principal Mr. Abeyrathne and Chairman of EDEX and Royal College Infrastructure Development Chairman Mr. Mahinda Galagedara graced the occasion as Chief Guest and Guest of Honour res pectively.
The event proceedings took underway following a moment of remembrance of the departed brothers of RC-2000. A highlight of the event was the felicitation of Assistant Professor Suranga Nanayakkara, who had brought fame and glory not only to the Royal Alma Mater but also to the country as a whole for his initiative in founding the ‘Augmented Human Lab’. A Special award was presented to Tharaka D Muthukumara for his support to uplift the standard of the Group.
Each lady present on the day was gifted a Rose and pack of goods complemented by Marina Foods. Interestingly, thes specialty of this event was, 90% of the sponsorships were received from the Groups’ very own members. Platinum Sponsors for the night were Colombo Institute of Research & Psychology, Sagarasiri Group, G.D.P Engineering and Ceylon Tobacco. Gold sponsors were Marina foods and Centara Hotels. Silver sponsors were Albert Edirisinghe opticions, Isle of gelato, Pendi, 7th Avenue, Lovikta and ifanta Construction.
The presence of ladies coloured the night, entertained and rocked to the music from ‘Journey’ and DJ ‘Boyce’. The evening also featured exclusive entertainment, dance acts and many more fun features.

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