Sri Lankan Pol Sambol Everyone’s Favourite

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Words : Mandulee Mendis

Sometimes you might not believe that the same food, prepared in the same way equally satisfies the taste buds of someone dining in precious fine china at a five-star restaurant and someone dining in a metikoppaya in a cadjan thatched village house. Surprisingly, it’s the number one choice of both these people staying at two different ends. Pol sambol!
What’s the point of even being in Sri Lanka if you haven’t tasted a proper pol sambol with something great that goes with it? Let’s explore this mouth-watering food which is referred to as ‘everyone’s favourite’.

How to make pol sambol?

If we start from the beginning, let’s look at the way you can prepare a delicious pol sambol. In order to get the real typical taste of a pol sambol, there are certain ingredients you must add. Here is the recipe for the delicious pol sambol they make in villages.

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sambol3 sambol6Pol sambol & roast paan


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