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Words : Indika Madapatha Sellahewa
Photos : Nirmala Dhananjaya
Make-up : Rohan Abeygunawardana and Anusha Perera – Salon Chagall
Venue : Water’s Edge, Battaramulla

Chairperson of Landmark Developers – On a mission with “The One-Stop-Solution” for Innovative Real Estate and Property Development in Sri Lanka and in the region.

Being in the forefront in an industry where men have dominated the field for centuries, Neelangani Hapangama has made a point. A woman with a vision and drive, Neelangani has positioned herself at the realm of the Real Estate industry. According to her, “no woman is beyond doing anything she wishes to do or wishes to be if she has the will”. Lanka Woman met Neelangani Hapangama in her state of the art office, to delve into her life and work.

Mrs. Hapangama, can you tell Lanka Woman about your current business operations, what made you get into this business and if your business is spread locally and internationally as well?

I had always been interested in real estate and it was a hobby and an interest since I was young.
On my free time during the weekends I would be looking for property in the classifieds in local newspapers. I think the designer in me appreciated looking at different designs and envisioned designing similar buildings myself. After I left Visaka, which was my alma mater, among so many things, I followed a course in Gemology, trying to find the path of my calling, and then I got the opportunity to go to Sydney. I did a degree in Textile Technology and Design, and when I returned to Sri Lanka, I was offered a job at The Bombay Dying, a collaboration between an Indian company and Thulhiriya Textiles. There I worked as a designer. After my mother complained that I was working too far and getting late coming home, I started looking for another job which was closer to home. Nothing was available in Colombo in the relevant field, then I got a job at Magpek which was then a leading wooden toys designer, manufacturer & exporter in the country.

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