Make Your Own Avurudu Sweets This New Year!

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Words : Mandulee Mendis

During Sinhala and Tamil New Year, everyone wants to prepare a good milk rice. Today, people also prefer preparing their own sweets rather than buying because preparing them is such an adventure and it creates beautiful moments at home. Lanka Woman spoke to Chef Pawani Hansika to know about her passion in cooking and to get the right recipes for a meaningful Sinhala and Tamil New Year celebration where you can contentedly visit your relations with sweets made by you.

What does food mean to you? Is it something that merely satisfied hunger or something so much more?

I find food something so much more than satisfying hunger. It contains nutrition that nourishes a person’s body. Then again food unites people. When a family gets together during dinner time and when friends come over for a meal, food creates a beautiful platform for  building relationships and unity.

Out of very many possibilities for the career, why did you choose to be a chef?

I chose to be a chef because since when I was small, I wanted to keep people happy. The best way of keeping someone happy is through delicious food.

I also wanted to do something creative with my life, which is why I chose this career. Besides, this career path has a high demand across countries. What is your favourite area of cooking? Why?

My favourite area is pastry and bakery. It is because in this area of cooking, I can stay away from uniformity and come up with creative ideas that can make the person who takes a bite quite happy.

People happen to think that cooking is a task of women. As you find, is cooking gender biased?

I do not find it gender biased because when you look at the chefs of many hotels in Sri Lanka, you can see that most are men.  There is no gender consideration when it comes to talent, passion and creativity.


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