The Story of Agasti Jewellery

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Words : Mandulee Mendis

In a typical Sri Lankan family, the ‘Agasti jewellery set’ that goes from generation to generation, is an incomparable treasure. When a girl gets married, her grandmother gifts her, her beloved Agasti set so that the girl can carry the dignity and pride of the family to the new family she joins in marriage.

There are also times when the groom’s family gifts their family Agasti jewellery set to the new bride as a symbol of welcoming her into the family. This way, the Agasti jewellery set has played a significant role in the family traditions of Sri Lankan families.
And in Sri Lanka, it is believed that nothing can ever match the majestic look given by Agasti jewellery set to a lady in a Kandyan saree. It’s much more than jewellery, it’s tradition, it’s identity, it’s who we are…

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