Do You Also Think Wetakolu is Boring and Dull? Well, You’re Wrong!

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Words : Mandulee Mendis

Honestly, wetakolu or ribbed gourd is not a very appreciated food among us. Wetakolu curry is often rejected by kids because it’s not as flavorsome as a thick polos curry or spicy devilled prawns. But it can give you an unbelievable amount of benefits.

Have problems with period dates?

Why do our mothers say wetakolu is good for girls? It’s because it can regulate your menstruation. Most women have issues with period dates. When menstruation doesn’t happen at the right time, it creates many imbalances in the body. Wetakolu has the ability to restore absent menstrual periods. Therefore, it’s good to consume wetakolu a little more than you do now.

Are you a nursing mother?

In villages, they give more and more wetakolu to nursing mothers. The reason is, the ability of wetakolu to increase the milk flow of nursing mothers. Therefore, if you are a nursing mother, your milk flow could be increased and thereby eased by consuming wetakolu.

Are you suffering from Diabetes?

We have come to a point where every family has at least one Diabetic patient. When cooking for diabetic patients, there aren’t a lot of choices, but wetakolu is one good choice. Wetakolu can lower blood and urine sugar levels without increasing blood insulin levels.

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