The Queen Of All Oils In Yalpanam

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Words : Dilhani Thantirimudalige

Sesame oil which is also called gingerly oil is widely used in Jaffna. It is a seed-based oil which has many uses other than cooking. It is used as a base for preparation of medicines due to its high content of nutrients.

The people of Jaffna use this oil on a daily basis as much as the Italians use olive oil. It is a part of everyday cooking and a good skin and hair care agent. A dab of sesame oil is applied on a new born infant’s lip for good health. It is treated as the life source of healthy living. People native to Jaffna mostly use the age old manually “Chakku” ground oil which is extracted in a pestle and mortar system. They claim that it has a sweet aroma which is pleasant for use on hair and the body as a moisturizer. Even though gingerly oil doesn’t smell as sweet as coconut oil it does leave a nutty scent on the nostril, it is called the queen of all oils for many attributes it gives its user.

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