Must-haves for a Bride-to-Be!

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Whether you’re planning a wedding or a big event there are a few beauty essentials that you need to stock up on well in advance. While facials and other beauty treatments give you great instant results it’s your daily maintenance routine that will make the bigger difference in the long term.

Topical Vitamin C and Detox Serums

Start on a concentration of Vitamin C and watch how your skin transforms before your eyes. However, make sure that the Vitamin C you use is stabilized. For best results choose a brand where formulations are in Nano Technology to ensure deeper penetration. Vitamin C is also an excellent remedy for dark lips. Combine Vitamin C Eye Cream with a Vitamin K Serum for best results on under eye dark circles. Optionally, invest in a Detoxifying Serum if your skin is dull and polluted. Strongly recommended if you’re a smoker!

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