Yoga To Relieve Your Stress

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Words : Lakmini Wijemanne

Who is not stressed out these days? Even the little kids are known to be stressed these days, especially near the term ends, with term tests coming up.  It has become a very common phrase to hear that one is “really stressed out”…  According to the medical practitioners, stress should be avoided at all costs, yet, it is the one thing that seems to be doing its rounds rather successfully. If the long line at the cardiologist is anything to go by, or the patient numbers at the psychologist (for depression is the next closest step to unattended stress),  the bigger part of the Sri Lankan community , without distinction on age or gender, is very badly stressed about one thing or the other.

We are stressed about everything these days. Unfortunately, our coping skills have taken a permanent nose dive and as a result, we get stressed about anything and everything. It is unfortunate that everyone, beginning from little children to adults, find it hard to cope with any emotional stress, be it big or small. Our decision making abilities, handling our feelings and emotions are at an all time low and this is contributing to everyone going through a stress-filled life.  Stress is not a good thing to have. It makes you irritable, non-communicative, depressed,  and either too active or not active at all. Un-addressed stress would even bring you to the brink of committing suicide or murder, though these would come at the very extreme levels.  It is also common and worrisome knowledge that even little children are suffering from stress today…..

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