The Miraculous Comeback of Tamara Contd

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(Continued from last month)

Words : Indika Madapatha Sellahewa and Kamanthi Wickramasinghe

Tamara Niroshini, a loveable wife, a friendly mother and a good friend to all was confined to bed, highlighting the loopholes within the healthcare system. Much could have been done in her presence and what would have been a happy homefront was shattered in minutes. Randy, whom we introduced in the last issue did everything he could to bring Tamara back to life. For a father, this could be a heart-wrenching experience. Her dearest father MahindaWijegoonawardene relates his experience as follows :

“It was the April 12, 2016 when I got my heart attack and two weeks later, I went through an operation,” Mahinda recalled.“My two daughters and their husbands attended to my every need; sacrificing their day to day life on my behalf. My oldest daughter went back to her family responsibilities after handing me over to her one and only sister promising her that she would return after two weeks. She did indeed return as promised, only to much graver circumstances. She returned to see her little sister in the ICU, almost lifeless. Neither me nor my wife were aware of the intensity or seriousness of the situation our daughter was in at this time.”

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