Walking to Shed the Pounds Tips and Walking Venues in and around Colombo

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Words  : Nilu Rajapakse

After one passes a certain age, the calories one takes in just don’t seem to burn as fast as it used to. Rather, they become your faithful shadow, only you are not too grateful for the company. Suddenly reality delivers a rather nasty uppercut* when you take that awesome outfit home, and realise that you (a) can’t get into it, (b) are bulging out of it, or (c) find it a little difficult to breath.

You could either respond to this philosophically (not recommended), or see red. In the latter case, your day is ruined, and you hit the blues for weeks before you finally realise, enough is enough, I’m going to bust those calories right out the exosphere. Thus commences the anti-calorie regime with manic vigour. The steam rapidly dissolves after the first few days and eventually disintegrates into one weak excuse after another for not getting into that workout gear. Does that ring a bell to you? Well then, first thing to remember is, you are not alone. Speaking for my age category and above, we’ve all been there at one time or the other.

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