The Finishing School where etiquette is the key lesson by Faith Landers

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Words : Kamanthi Wickramasinghe

A simple thank you, a firm handshake and sitting decently at a job interview are various ways in which you could express your etiquette. But in most instances, these gestures maybe overlooked much to your disadvantage. Realising the niche in the corporate etiquette training sector, Faith Landers along with Pulasthi Samaraweera has taken on the herculean task of grooming professionals to ‘do things the right way’. Having won the Miss Sri Lanka title in 2008, Faith has been a supervisor and trainer at SriLankan Airlines. As Sri Lanka’s first and only trainer to hold the Etiquette Proficiency Trainee License, Faith was motivated to train more individuals to fine-tune their soft skills and corporate etiquette. As such Elite Etiquette along with Arrow has been training everybody from children to adults in grooming their life and soft skills. Speaking to the Lanka Woman, Faith shared the journey she has come thus far :

Why did you choose this career?

I was flying for Sri Lankan for over 10 years and did my higher studies. I then felt that there’s a niche in this sector and we didn’t have proper trainers back then. Therefore I thought it would be a different experience for me. Ever since I won my title people have been inviting me for these types of meetings and interviews. Then I thought I should get myself qualified so that I could go higher up in this field.

Where did you get yourself trained?

Initially I went to Singapore and so far I think I’m the only certified image consultant in Singapore here in Sri Lanka. Then I got myself trained from Australia as a Corporate Image Consultant and also I did my Master Etiquette Consulting programme in the USA.

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