Duleekha Rathnayake The unassuming girl from Kurunegala, made herself a hit in Colombo and Kandy through her passion and talent for designing

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Words : Indika Madapatha Sellahewa
Photos : Nirmala Dhananjaya
Hair and Make-up : S. T. Pushpika Nilushi of Salon Hair blessings

She designs fashion clothing for the local market and aims to reach the Sri Lankan expats in all parts of the world. They can order or get their clothes designed and made by Duleekha. We met Duleekha and her husband Tharanga Prasad who supports her at Gandhara and Redpierrot in Stratford Avenue, Kirulapone.

Duleekha, can you tell us about yourself, which part of the country do you originate from, your family and schooling?

My childhood was spent in very beautiful village surroundings. My village is Gallehera in Narammala that is close to Kurunegala and far away from Colombo. I had a happy childhood at that time. Since my Appachchi, Amma, Aththa (Seeya), Kiriamma and Malli were living with me at my house, I did not feel any loneliness. My Aththa is no more. There is no competition in my village where pleasant people live and make their livelihoods from cultivation. My parents made their living from their own business. In addition to that they engaged in cultivation as well. My playground was the paddy field expanding a number of acres back to my house and small forests that were filled with trees & creepers, birds and butterflies. Every day I used to go to the paddy field with my Aththa and learned more things about trees & creepers and animals. I Still know all about the trees & creepers and medicinal plants.

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