Bridal Trends to look for this wedding season

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Words : Kamanthi Wickramasinghe
Photos : Nirmala Dhananjaya

Prepping up for your big day is a task in itself. This is particularly a big deal for a girl and everything from the outfit to the main function has to be in place. Choosing a bridal outfit is a challenging task with today’s ever-changing trends in fashion. But it is always advisable to start preparing in advance without rushing around for last minute fixes. Having been in the industry for the past four years, Yasisurie Kiribandara recently launched her newest venture – Yasisurie Bride. For those looking for customized, courture bridal designs, Yasisurie Bride is the ideal choice.

“The current trends in bridals are vast and varied,” said Yasisurie, sharing her knowledge and expertise with Lanka Woman. “We usually encourage our brides to stay away from trends as our pieces are timeless. We have been receiving requests for off shoulders and scoop necks and structured sleeves along with a tad variation in colour a bride uses. Whilst most of them prefer a stark white we do get the occasional request for a bronze mix, a rose gold mix into the white, which is very subtly applied.”


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