The Leaning bell tower of Pisa in Italy

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Words : Dilhani Thantirimudalige

Italy one of Europe’s most charming countries is full of surprises and possibilities for a tourist. From the north to the south the country is decorated with Gothic art and sculptures, Medieval to first century styles of Romanesque architecture and a wide spectrum of sceneries to absorb in while you enjoy the world’s much loved food, fashion and history. Italy offers so much more that it would take a lifetime to explore. I was fortunate to be in one of the most visited locations of historic interest not just for Italy but for the rest of the world. Discovering the inside story of a UNESCO classified site or structure to a writer is true pleasure.
Some 80km west of Florence, Firenze in Italian is the once significant seaport city of Pisa. Renowned for its arts and architectural beauty is still a treasured medieval city with a circuit of walls that surround the piazza, the square of miracles. In this compound is a cathedral or Duomobaptistery, cemetery and the most eye catching tower  that stands at 187. The white marbled walled tower could be seen from a far distance. It is truly a world marvel. In Italian it is called Torre Pendente di Pisa.

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Inside the Baptistery - Looking Up







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