Sigiriya The Magnificent Rock Fortress

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Words : Mandulee Mendis

Sigiriya rock fortress, the eighth wonder of the word is today, a UNESCO listed World Heritage site.

Sigiriya: From a Rock to a Fortress

Sigiriya, the rock dates back to proto-historic times. According to history, it has been a monastery where monks have dwelled. 477 – 495 AD, King Kashyapa used the rock as his fortress. The legend of King Kashyapa is as follows. King Dhatusena had two sons Prince Kashyapa and Prince Mugalan. Since the throne rightfully beloned to Prince Mugalan, King Kashyapa murdered his father and become the king and hid in Sigiriya rock, making it his fortress and reigning from there, in order to be protected from a possible attack his brother from Prince Mugalan.

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