What’s in an auspicious hour?

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Deshabandu Namal Priyankara
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Checking the auspicious hour is nothing new to us Sri Lankans. Piercing the ears, feeding, the first reading for a child and many other firsts are usually done after checking the auspicious hour as per the deep-rooted traditions in our country.
Even those who do not follow astrology tend to check the auspicious times of the day before they turn any new chapter in their lives. In order to present these hours, the travelling patterns of the Moon (Sandu), Mercury (Budha), Venus (Sikuru) and Jupiter (Guru) are considered. But many people don’t consider the importance of using the movements of these planets when preparing auspicious times. People often don’t know what they should be doing during these auspicious hours. An auspicious hour is determined according to the sunrise. The auspicious hours in almanacs are set according to the hour of sunrise in Colombo. Therefore the effect of sunrise varies from region to region.

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