Sashi Mendis, showcases The Kiddies’ Show

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Sashi Mendis, a talented and dynamic drama teacher showcased her‘The Kiddies’ Show’ consisting of eleven short plays for an audience of all ages. With most scripts originally written by her, it was an evening of variety.The plays ranged from a seven minute ‘Banyan Tree and the Little Grass’ to the hilarious twenty minute play ‘Punchi Raja’.

Having taught drama for the past 20 years, Sashi is the founder of Sashi Mendis Studio of Drama and Speech. As such she is quite passionate about teaching children the art of drama. Shashi believes that children should be given space to express themselves so that that will bring out their creativity and develop their skills.

The Academy includes children from five to 20 years of age. Other plays at The Kiddies’ Show include ‘Monsters of HodgePodge’, ‘Sleeping Handsome’ and the hilarious ‘Cranki Franki’. The students participating in ‘The Kiddies Show’ ranged from 5 years to twelve years.

The show was staged at the Namel Malini Punchi Theatre.

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