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By Soraya de Zoysa
Director and Head Consultant Sothys Estheti Centre CIMA and CIBTAC UK

Being in the field of aesthetics for almost 20 years I am constantly experimenting with various treatments. I have to admit that much of my research has stemmed from personal skin conditions. Having inherited a far from perfect skin, it? has led me to take a personal interest in identifying the best skin solutions.

It’s ironic that I had to battle with my skin constantly, first with acne, then with Melasma and of course the inevitable – aging. However, looking back I feel this has put me at an advantage as it has pushed me to constantly strive towards discovering the best possible skin solutions and while wading through a sea of promises you occasionally stumble across a “Jewel”! A treatment which exceeds where all else has failed; and one such treatment is the HIFU.
After turning 40, I have been obsessed about facial firming. I developed a droop on the corners of my mouth along with the onset of the dreaded jowls. Although many treatments did offer good results, I was never able to keep the signs of aging away for too long. Currently a month into the HIFU treatment, the improvement on my jawline and skin elasticity is remarkable!

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