Investing in the Stock Market A beginner’s Guide

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Words : Nilu Rajapakse
Photos :  Rushiru Tharanga

If you have been thinking about ‘investing in stocks’, then you must have most certainly wondered what the secrets to success are. You would have often heard stories where well-known business tycoons earned their millions in the stock market. Then again there are the sorry tales of those who have lost their hard earned savings in the same arena.

There is day-trading, where people buy stocks early in the day and sell them at the end of the day. Then there are those who think that stock trading is a gamble, and luck plays a major role in it. Is stock trading the panacea for your investment problems, or is it the hydra waiting to sting you?
Is there really such a thing as investing wisely, or is that a myth? We met Niroshan Wijesundere, the Head of Market Development at the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE), who was happy to answer this and other pertinent questions for us.

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