Kids Christmas Party: Let Them Plan It!

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Words : Mandulee Mendis

Christmas is just around the corner and the sooner you start planning, the better you will feel when the days get closer. This Christmas, why not let your kids plan their own Christmas party? If it’s their party, they’re the ones who should plan it and in that case, play your part as a good guide.  Make them organize everything from the beginning. It will help them become more independent and take leadership in such events at school and in other social activities, and build up Leadership stills later in life.


Although the world has become so mechanical everyone relies on a call or a text rather than tangible invitations, teach your children to be thoughtful and prepare handmade invitations. This is the perfect opportunity to let children do a bit of crafting and creative things. Let them come up with their own creations as they wish, once the guest list is made. Help them with the wordings inside, with addresses and posting.

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