A Stroll into the Wonderful World of Painting, with Senaka Senanayake

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Words : Nilu Rajapakse
Photos :  Rushiru Tharanga

Uncovering his talent

Walking into Senaka Senanayake’s studio is an absolute pleasure. Surrounded by his beautiful works of art, both vibrant and powerful at the same time, and surrounded by methodically organised stacks of art material, it’s a place that inspires just about anyone to grab the brush.

A portrait painted over 150 years ago by his great-grandmother Rose Dunuwila, of her father Dr. Attygalle who was the first Sri Lankan Doctor in the British Army, adorns one corner. A beautiful painting by his mother decorates another spot. It is clear that artistic talent runs in the family.

Lanka Woman Magazine caught up with Senaka, to learn how he discovered the power of his brush stroke. Senaka has been blazing the Art trail since he was five, when he was first introduced to the wonderful medium of art. Inspired by his primary school teacher Mrs. Sugathapala at Royal College’s Junior School, he was encouraged by his parents “to keep the young lad out of mischief”.

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