The 11th Annual general meeting of Royal college group of 2000

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Photos : Nirmala Dhananjaya

The old Royalists of group of 2000 held their annual general meeting on the recently at the Hotel Janaki Colombo with the participation of vast number of members. The executive committee for the year 2017/2018 headed by president Kalana Geekiyana conducted the AGM. Committee for the year 2018/2019 was elected. Office bearers appointed for the next year were Suchira Surendranath (President), Darshan Perera (Vice President), Dilanke Hettiarchchi (Secretary), Prageeth Perera (Treasurer)
AGM was initiated by singing the college anthem and two minutes silences for remembering the brother who left them untimely.
The outgoing president gave his annual report and the presentation of an impressive year of activiaties completed with his excellent committee. He also wished and promised his guidance and support for the committee elected. In appreciation of the services, appreciation letters were presented to the committee members and others who contributed to uplift the standards of royal college and the batch. Suchira Surendranath (president Elect) also spoke about the upcoming year. The event concluded with a heart-felt rendition of the national anthem by all those who were present. We look ahead for another eventful energetic year where old royalists of group of 2000 stand together for Royal.

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