Roshnie De Saram

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Words : Indika Madapatha Sellahewa
Photos : Nirmala Dhananjaya

The newly elected President of the SAARC Women’s Association for 2019, has widely travelled the world, worked in UK, Malta, Libya and Australia for several Diplomats and UN Representatives, and is a connoisseur in Advertising and Publishing, as well as a businesswoman who runs her family business of a fuel station and warehousing. She is also a Philanthropist who supports cancer patients and also other needy causes on a regular basis.
Losing her son to Leukaemia after suffering for ten years, she is a woman full of empathy and supports many deprived families and children and ardently works with the Cancer Hospital, Maharagama, to ease the pain of the sufferers and strives to help prolong their lives for as long as possible in memory of her son. She is also founder of the Leukaemia Foundation of Sri Lanka which commenced in 2004, the first ever foundation related to Cancer. Roshnie believes that the only way to move on is not to keep mourning, but to remember her beautiful son for who he was and exert all her energy into helping another human being survive.

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