Planning to Become Pregnant?

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By Dr.Vijith Vidyabhushana
Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist.
MBBS (Col), MRCOG (UK), Deep (UK), RCR/RCOG Dip Advanced Obstetric Ultrasound Scanning (UK) Comsultant Scanning (UK) Consultant Obstetricion & Gynoecologist, Accredited Obstetric Ultrasound Specialist

We all know that marriages are usually properly planned well in advance. However when it comes to a pregnancy, only little amount of time is spent on planning, compared to planning a wedding. But we should understand that planning a pregnancy is as important as planning a wedding as it is considered as laying a foundation towards a healthy pregnancy and a good outcome. Are we ready to have a baby,?

Do I have the benefit of paid maternity leave or will I have to give up the job, are we financially stable to meet the demands? are few questions that you should answer before you plan a pregnancy. Children following delivery and medical insurance are the other important areas you should consider. Some important things that you should consider are given below.

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