Vesak A Tribute to Lord Buddha

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Words : Lakmini Wijemanne

Vesak Poya is a day of much significance  to the Buddhists due to many reasons. Among many historical events that have taken place on such a day , the most important event which took place was that, on a Vesak Poya day, Prince Siddhartha was born, attained enlightenment as Lord Buddha, and passed away (parinabbana) at the age of 80 years. Many hundred years ago, on another such poya day in the month of May, Lord Buddha had visited Kelaniya with 550 arahats – His third visit to the island – on the invitation of the King Maniakkika. Following a special sermon delivered by the Buddha to all who were present there, the king erected a shrine with the Buddha’s hair and the jeweled seat on which He sat upon, buried inside.

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