Why does everyone prefer the ‘Open Plan Concept?’

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Words : Mandulee Mendis 

Due to the increasing population in urban areas, the land sizes are getting smaller and smaller. We have to learn to get the maximum use of the small space we have to reside in. In order to learn about utilizing the limited space in a creative and effective way, we spoke to Interior Designer Dilini Halvitigala.

What are the fundamental factors to be considered when designing a house?

When designing a house, the first factor to be considered is the amount of space which could utilized for the purpose. The environment and the number of people, along with their lifestyles and preferences should also
be considered.

Today, Open Plan Concept is very much in fashion. What exactly is Open Plan Concept?

Decades ago, we clearly separated the living room, dining room, kitchen with solid walls and doors. The Open Plan Concept is about following an open approach to different sections of the house, without separating them with walls. The house therefore is an open space with a very less number of walls.

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