Importance of Savings

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Words : Kamanthi Wickramasinghe

When it comes to savings, the first thought that cross our minds is to save money. This is an important requirement as of today. Although many people don’t think about saving, it should be a habit that should pass on for generations. In our younger days, we used to save coins in our piggy bank, but that trend is long lost. Today with new savings methods introduced by banks, it has become an easier task to do.

Here are a few reasons why you should start saving money :

Stress-free retirement : Everyone wants to retire at some age in life. To live happily and stress-free at that time, you need to start saving today.
If you start planning your retirement fund at an early age, you can retire whenever you wish.
Savings are also important to maintain your lifestyle at that time when your bank account will stop getting credited every month.

Better education : A good education is an investment for a better future. Each year more people end up at various schools to earn their masters or doctorate degrees.If you have goals of reaching some college or university, you will also need huge funds. So, start saving today for your dream.

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