Shani Diluka The world famous pianist from Monaco

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Words : Indika Madapatha Sellahewa
Photos : Nirmala Dhananjaya
Hair & Make up : Hasini Gunasekera – Naturals Unisex Salon

Born to Sri Lankan parents, discovered by Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco and moulded into what she is today – She is the Beethoven of the 21st century.

When I was contacted by the Embassy of France and asked if Lanka Woman would like to take some photos of Shani Diluka who had flown down from Monaco to perform in Colombo, I wanted some more information about her. What I received, and what I learnt about Shani simply amazed and stunned me. My reply to them was, we’ll not only take photos but we would be delighted to have her as our cover personality.

Shani Diluka is an amazingly talented young performer on par with the likes of master artistes of the world, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Shubert, Schuman, Rachmaninov, and Tchaikovsky to name a few. After she was discovered for her talents by Princess Grace of Monaco, Prince Albert 1er and Princess Caroline de Hanover had a great impact on her life as an aspiring pianist growing in popularity in Europe. She has her tours planned this season in Japan, Germany, France, India, Russia, Switzerland, Lebanon, Haiti, name just a few. Her recordings (around almost 20) are distributed worldwide, and have received many prizes broadcasted in international radios such as BBC/NH Japan/ABC Australia/BR Germany/OSR Austria, etc.., In fact she travels so much around the world performing that, she said to me she would somehow find the time to reply to my questions between changing planes while travelling to Switzerland and another country to perform. And she has done just that. In her own words; “between 2 planes, and 2 concerts!”. Shani is invited by many orchestras around the world to perform as a soloist: The Orchestre of the Chambre de Paris, The Orchestre de Philharmonique de France, The Sinfonia Varsovia, The Orchestre de Philharmonique de Monte Carlo, The Orchestre de Bordeaux Aquitaine, The Royal Court Orchestra of Sweden, The Bremen Philharmonic Orchestra, The Freiburg Symphony Orchestra, The Tonkunstler Orchestra of Vienna, and The Kyushu Symphony Orchestra of Japan to name some.

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