Why send your child to preschool?

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Early Childhood Education is an immense part of the Primary Program. Indeed, it is the throughway to success at Primary. There are those who do not warrant admitting it, however, that is fortunately, the truth. It is common sense too. Success does not mean a child’s ability to count, read and write.

Success means a child’s ability to blend and co-exist with peers, helping when a need arises and being a friend to other little people. Children who receive quality early childhood education learn independent skills rather than having an adult constantly looking over their shoulder. Whether you select a government or private educational institute, the end result is that a child should be able to conduct himself in any given age appropriate situation. There are HUGE differences in methodologies and most importantly the quality ofteachers ; even those with paper qualifications. Very often parents misunderstand the ‘Montessori’ tag. It’s easy to do so because an adult mind is often one-track not willing to want the all important change. Parents have the added burden of having to give-in to their own parent seven when they know it can benefit their children. Why would a method of over 100 years be imposed on a child of the 21st Century? It would be great if all Montessori qualified teachers were to answer this honestly.

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