Enjoying being a teacher

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Words : Sirohmi Gunesekera
(Teacher, Attorney-at-Law and Researcher into Human Relations & The Family Unit)

“I want you to listen carefully to the lesson. We are lucky to be able to have the class outside. First of all, think carefully and then write down what you think of a mango” said Mala. She said that she would give them fifteen minutes to think and write and then there would be a discussion. This is different to the normal method where the teacher is in the centre and the class revolves around her. However, a teacher who followed a modern teaching method at the National Institute of Education found that the “Socio-metric Method” where the teacher only guides the student was best. A teacher is like a substitute mother or father especially if the children are small. Ideally, a class should not have more than twenty students. Then the teacher can concentrate and give individual attention. There should be a progression with the pupils developing their thinking capacity.

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Teacher Pointing at Map of World


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