Sara Nouri, Chairperson of the SAARC Chapter in Afghanistan. She is The Afghan born lawyer from The Netherlands who is determined to to uplift women’s standing in her home country Afghanistan.

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Words : Indika Madapatha Sellahewa
Photos : Rushiru Tharanga

She left Kabul to go to Europe with her parents as refugees when still very small, but always knew that she would come back to give back to her country what she owed. A top lawyer in The Netherlands, Sara worked for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs as policy advisor on EU Matters/laws in the Hague and Brussels. Apart from her many academic achievements, she also speaks seven languages, Dutch, English, Russian, Pashto (her native language), Dari, German and French.
While working at the Dutch Ministry of Defence of Afghanistan, she knew she wanted to come home to give back her knowledge to her country of birth. She is currently working for the Afghan Government as Legal Advisor to the Minister of Finance where she was recommended by the Sri Lankan Ambassador to take up the task of setting up the SAARC Women’s Chapter in Afghanistan. Lanka Woman met Sara in Colombo, where the current President of the SAARC Women’s Association Sri Lanka Chapter, Roshni De Saram introduced her to us.

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