Krishanti Weerakoon

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Director of Foreign Affairs- Presidential Secretariat -
Sri Lanka A Multidimensional Life of Diplomacy and Etiquette.

Words : Indika Madapatha Sellahewa
Photos : Nirmala Dhananjaya
Hair & Makeup : Dil Sapukotanage
Clothes : Nallis Sarees, Dilly and Carlo
Nails : Arjun

She is the daughter of Bernard Tillakeratne, a career diplomat and former High Commissioner to India, married to Esala Weerakoon, also former High Commissioner to India who is the son of Bradman Weerakoon, a senior bureaucrat of the Sri Lankan government, who served under nine Prime Ministers and Presidents of Sri Lanka.
Although having lived in grandeur, constantly meeting with high powered individuals and travelling across the globe from the day she was born, Krishanti has no supercilious airs around her. Rather, she is assertive and spirited with elegance and decorum and is an unpretentious personality, concentrating on what needs to be done next while attending to the task at hand. She holds herself with stature and grace, which come naturally to her. Krishanti’s home was the home of Bradman Weerakoon which was designed in the 1950’s by Herbert Keunaman, a renowned architect of the era. It seemed a treasure trove with its large library upstairs, antique pieces of furniture strewn throughout the house and hundreds of artefacts and collectibles from different countries, mainly Buddha statues of different sizes and material which had been gifted through the years.

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