Prisons, The Law, Punishment and Rehabilitation in Sri Lanka Interview with Mr. Kalinga Indatissa, President, Bar Association of Sri Lanka

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Words : Nilu Rajapakse
Photos : Rushiru Tharanga

Can you tell us what the general public should know about crimes and offences?

Law and Order play a significant role in civilized society. Unlike disputes which are civil in nature, crime and protection of the society are directly connected to Rule of Law and Law and Order. Unfortunately, the education system in Sri Lanka does not provide an opportunity to the general public to learn about the basic areas of the law. In my opinion, every citizen should have access to awareness. It is extremely important that the people are educated about the rights and duties and specially about the protection that ought to be accorded to them under the law.

Are Sri Lankans made aware of offences that can land them in jail?

Apart from what is reflected in the media there is no structured and constructive mechanism to educate the public. While the media reports may convey about the crimes that are being committed on present day there is no awareness, which would enable the public to learn of the consequences of criminal activity.

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