Elders’ Day

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Words : Chris Edirisinghe

At the very beginning of October we celebrate the Elders’ Day together with the Children’s Day. On this day we are reminded about all the Elders living in this world. Some of them live comfortable lives, but some unfortunately do not have that blessing. Every day we come across many elderly persons struggling and trying to make their lives as comfortable as possible. It is very difficult sometimes to categorize persons as elders as we do not have a specific rule.

Some may be just as old as our young parents. Some may be in the age group of our grandparents and others in the same age group as our great grandparents. It is not a case of recognizing anybody a little older than us as an elder. In practice we are now used to recognizing particular persons as elders, when we see them day in and day out. In real life broadly we have very many elders around and we meet and deal with them daily. There is also a significant group among the elders who actually are in need of our help and sympathy. Either they are sick, poor, living alone or by themselves or have no one to help them. It is this group of people that we generally class as elders, since they need our help.

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