Godapara, Lime & Uluhaal for Hair

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Dr. Tharka Dharshani Kumari
Ayurveda sasti. D.A. Suwatharu Ayurveda Hospital, Moratuwa.

Living in a country rich with Ayurvedic medicine, we have quite a lot of options to care for our body in the most effective and the most natural way. Lanka Woman spoke to Dr. Tharka Kankanam Gamage to know about hair care, including both external hair treatments and hair focused nutrition supply.

Godapara Treatment

Godapara was a very famous Ayurvedic hair care ingredient in the past. In the past, girls used to apply godapara on their hair and this was possible due to the availability of godapara those days. Goapara nourishes the scalp and promotes hair growth. Godapara can thus give a huge volume to hair, which is why it is highly recommended in the Ayurveda.

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