Staying Safe From COVID-19

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Follow These:

 Avoid Physical Contact with others.
 Greet by ‘Ayubovan’ or ‘Namaste’ sign and do not shake hands
 Wash hands with soap regularly
 Wash and Eat fruits and vegetables the usual way and wash hands afterwards
 Practice respiratory hygiene such as using tissues when coughing or sneezing and disposing them correctly in the bin
 Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth as hands can easily pickup any viruses
 Maintain social distancing at least 1 metre
 Wash clothes in washing machine with washing powder or liquid or hand wash after soaking in soapy water for some time
 In public places such as Supermarkets and ATM’s either sanitise the surfaces you touch or use a tissue or gloves (But make sure you wash your gloved hands with soap afterwards)
 Wash hands thoroughly with soap after touching notes or coins

If someone in your household is a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patient, follow these guidelines as stipulated by the WHO

 Wash the patient’s clothes, towels and bed linen separately
 Wear heavy duty gloves if possible before handling them
 Do not carry soiled linen against your body, place them in a bucket, bag etc which is leak proof
 Scrape off solid excrement (e.g. faeces or vomit) with a flat, firm object and dispose of in the patient’s toilet before depositing in the covered wash bucket
 Wash and disinfect linen
 Soak linen in hot and soapy water, and stir using a stick, avoid splashing
 If hot water is not available, soak linen in 0.05% chlorine for approximately 30 minutes.
 Dry in sunlight once rinsed
 Wash your hands at the end of this process



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